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Here’s How We Work

About 85% of our work is custom Designs, and about 50% of that work is with out of town clients. We especially enjoy working with our clients’ ideas because it stretches us creatively in directions we’d never think to go. We are happy to work with the clients’ own stones, and even frequently incorporate treasured pieces of family jewelry into the new designs.

Our cases are full of work and photos that shows the different design directions we have already taken, and a review of this website will also help provide a feel for the breadth of our experience. Our sketches help the visualization process and make sure we’re on the same page.

When we agree on the specs of the job (materials, timeframe, pricing) we normally accept a 25% deposit to begin the process. In the case of stone purchases full payment for some stones may sometimes be needed to secure availability.

Once the process begins, we routinely text progress shots of the different stages of production so that our clients can appreciate the breadth of technique and craftsmanship involved in the creation of their piece.

We accept all credit and debit cards, personal checks and cash, for full payment upon delivery.

Scrap gold credit: Scrap gold businesses buy a batch of gold from you, for example, for $500. That same batch is then sold to their Metal Refiner for perhaps $750. That’s the scrap gold business’ margin. We take the same batch and sell it to our Refiner for the same $750 and give the full settlement back to you as long as you are spending it with us to make something for you. (We don’t double dip). Consequently, if we’re doing work for you and you have scrap gold, it has a higher value to you if we cash it in for you.